Top 10 Halloween Movies for Kids & Family to Watch on Mobile Devices

Summary: With the fast approaching of Halloween 2015, it’s time to re-experience holiday spirit – worship to devils and witches. There are a lot of ways to have a fun Halloween holiday, like decorating pumpkins, dressing Halloween costumes, playing Halloween games, telling ghost stories, etc. 

As important as decorations and costumes are in showing Halloween spirit, Halloween movie is another way to get into it. From Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus, to The Blair Witch Project and Nightmare on Elm Street, there are a lot of Halloween movies to watch on this Halloween holiday. You could get some wonderful options of Halloween movies 2015, Halloween movies for kids, horror Halloween movies 2015, and solutions to rip Halloween movies and convert Halloween movies for unlimited Halloween movie watching. 

Top Halloween Movies 2015 

10. Harry Potter Series 

Harry Potter is in this list because all of the movies are about magic and creepy monsters, evil witches and so on. What’s more, this is the heroine that accompanies with my childhood, so Harry Potter movies should be re-watch during the Halloween with your families and friends. 


9. Edward Scissorhands 

Edward Scissorhands is in this list because the plots are well designed, and it isn’t that scary. Though a little creepy Edward is in this movie, he is a warm-hearted. Watching this on Halloween won’t bring many screams, but some warm tears. 

8. Shaun of the Dead 

Shaun of the Dead is in this list because walking dead in modern society is never out of date. This movie is a combination of comedy, social parody and drama. The movie was released in 2004, but watching it again in this Halloween is still lots of fun. 

7. The Babadook 

The Babadook is in this list because this movie is about parenting issue and horrors in reality. The 6-year-old boy and his mother are struggling to get rid of the evil, which makes this movie somewhat irony and scary. 

6. Hocus Pocus 

The Hocus Pocus is in this list because the movie is great on the color settings and role performances. This is a must-see on Halloween if you haven’t seen it yet. The three witches are trying to steal souls from the children, but a young man stops them with Love. The movie is both good for children and adults, so families can enjoy it together. 

5. The Phantom of the Opera 

The Phantom of the Opera is in this list because it is a musical drama with a great storyline. A romantic story will always catch the eyes of audiences. The movie is good for watching on Halloween as it tells a love story of a phantom and a girl. The songs in this movie are also excellent. 

4. Scream 4 

Scream 4 is in this list because this movie is an excellent sequel from the last three Screams series. The movie will make you scream of course, it’ll also make you laugh and cringe as well. Enjoy a really scary on Halloween is great. 

3. The Nightmare 

The Nightmare is in this list because the movie is shot in a type of documentary. A documentary is always an attraction to the people who want to find the truth of some weird facts. But this is just a scary movie, and Sleep paralysis is just a clue or source of the movie. Enjoying this documentary scary movie on Halloween will scare you, that’ll be enough. 

2. Citadel 

Citadel is in this list because the movie is because it is really scary with person, not ghosts. The movie scares people with the gloomy scenes and an excellent creepy storyline. On Halloween, people will want to give this movie a try with friends. 

1. The Grudge 

The Grudge series are of my favorite scary movies, both the Japanese versions and American versions are great and make me scream and scream again. All of the versions do an excellent job on the atmosphere, even before you see the evil, you are already freaked out. Watching The Grudge on Halloween will be a great choice if you want to scream. 

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How to move Halloween videos and music to smartphone or tablet? 

Step 1. Add Halloween video/audio files 

Download and install the video converter for Halloween on PC. Launch it and click “File” to import your Halloween videos and music. 


Step 2. Pick proper audio/video output format 

As most tablets and smartphones support MP3 and MP4, you can choose MP4 under “Common Video” and MP3 under “Common Audio.” To get video formats for a specific device like iPad, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy Note series, you can pick the video output under “iPad,” “iPhone,” “Samsung,”“Android,” etc. 


Step 3. Edit Halloween videos (Optional) 

Halloween also comes in a ghoulish style. You can choose to edit your Halloween videos in your own style in “Video Editor” screen. Try each tab to get the editing work started. 


Step 4. Start converting Halloween audios and videos 

Click on the “Convert” button to start Halloween audio and video conversion. After the conversion finishes, you can transfer the friendly Halloween videos and music to your smartphone or tablet. 
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Top 10 Halloween Movies for Kids & Family to Watch 

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